Assemblies for More Serious Matters

Cynthia Buettner, Staff Reporter

School assemblies are generally only about sports. All of the assemblies I’ve been to since I was a freshman have only been pep-assemblies and they’ve been very rare at that.


Students don’t pay attention and talk excessively throughout the assembly, leading me to believe that many students don’t care about assemblies.


I’m pretty sure part of the reason why is due to the fact that the assemblies seem to be geared towards athletes and “popular” kids. I know for a time last school year that they actually stopped doing pep assemblies all together and did the pep activities during the lunch and study hall periods instead.


The school should include different types of people, whether that be populars, goths, athletes, rockers, etc. The activities during pep assemblies that I’ve witnessed are always so biased and crude. For example, there’s been the lick the peanut butter off the plate thing and it looks like they’re kissing.


What about that is appealing? Stuff like that is probably good evidence for why some people could care less about pep-assemblies and the “activities” they hold.


In my opinion, I feel like there should be more to an assembly than bizarre activities. During an assembly, you have the entire student body all together in one place. I feel like you should put that to some use.

Assemblies as defined by Merriam-Webster indicate that an assembly is a meeting of a student body and usually faculty for administrative, educational, or recreational purposes.


There is nothing educational about our school’s assemblies. That is why I propose a change, a much needed change. There should be more assemblies for all kinds of things.


We could have assemblies about health, wellness of the body, and the mind. The recent school shooting shows us that now is a good time to talk about mental health. There could even be informational assemblies for students trying to figure out the next step in their lives, helping with figuring out bills and rent, etc.


In particular, I feel like that this moment in time specifically, there should be talk about suicide awareness and helping people with depression and anxiety, whether that be a trusted friend or guardian, or taking it into your own hands and seeing a professional. (Always remember, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.)


Depression and suicide are two of the least talked about subjects, which is surreal since lots of people have depression and some contemplate ending their lives. A big role in that is due to how fast things can be spread around using social media.


Social media has become a gateway for anonymous bullying and it’s time something should be done about it. I feel like an assembly is a good place to start.