Formal Occasion Necessities

Lizzamarine Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

After high school, comes a lot of new experiences.  Soon, everyone will be getting married, and you’ll want to be there for your friends or family. You might get invited to a ball or gala for work, charity, or even just for fun. You’ll want to have the right necessities in order to make sure your night stays fun and stress-free.


  • If you are planning on using your phone a lot to take pictures, you may need to take a portable charger so you can easily charge your phone in your purse.
  • You can choose the makeup you would like to take with you. Lipstick can get ruined after you eat, and after dancing you can get sweaty, blotting powder can help with that.
  • Bobby pins and hair ties, in case your hair messes up or you want your hair to be up.  
  • Band aids – for blisters if you decide to wear heels and plan on doing a lot of dancing.
  • You will want to take some gum for after you eat, you don’t want anyone to smell the food you just ate.
  • Money, just in case you get hungry afterwards and want to get food with friends.