Faith Liljegren Breaking Records

Riley Ponce, Staff Reporter

Faith Liljegren, a sophomore at Collinsville High School, is breaking records and taking big steps towards her future. Faith plays on the CHS Varsity Basketball team and Varsity Soccer team, where she is also the captain. With her sophomore basketball season gone, she still holds records.

What are your plans in the future for Basketball?

-My hopes are to play soccer when I attend college so my future in basketball will most likely end my senior year of high school. But, I do plan on playing throughout high school.

Do you want to play professionally?


Do you take special training sessions?

-I have in the past, however, I don’t anymore.

Do you play select?

-No only because during AAU season (select season) I have school and club soccer. I played select basketball until my freshman year.

When did you start playing?

-I started playing in 2nd grade.

What got you into playing basketball?

-My mom got me into basketball; she played throughout her childhood and in college. My mom was my biggest inspiration so obviously, her love for the game was what influenced my love for it.

Why do you like the sport?

-Ever since I was a kid, basketball has been my favorite sport. I excelled at it and I enjoyed being able to use it to get away from everything. I always put so much

pressure on myself to play perfect every single game, being the point guard of my team, and because of that it started to become more of a stressor in my life than a stress reliever. But, the enormous amount of love I had for the sport as a kid keeps me going.

What is your favorite thing about basketball?

-My favorite thing about basketball is all the memories I have made throughout my years of playing. I have met my best friends and some of the most influential people in my life through the sport. I also love the competition aspect of it too; leaving the court every game knowing you played your heart out and gave it everything you had is a feeling of accomplishment like no other. Along with all that, my mom is the record holder at Illinois College for most steals in a career so we always had a challenge with each other that I would break that record too.

What are yout records?

-Most steals in a single season, the total was 110 steals.

What are your accomplishments?

-A tournament MVP honor, multiple All-tournament team honors (including 1st and 2nd team all tournament), 2nd team all conference as a Sophomore, participated in 2 All Star games, varsity starter as a Sophomore.