Luis Medina, Editorial Editor

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Google Chromebooks are the newest addition to Collinsville High School. Along with a newly renovated gymnasium, many people are split on whether they are useful or not. I see these Chromebooks as an opportunity to get school work done more efficiently.

No longer do students have to go to English teachers just to get a library pass and risk not getting a computer. The library used to be crammed during lunch and study hall periods making it difficult to do work.

Students who do not own any other computer outside of school can now get work done as long as they have access to an internet connection.

One downside to the Chromebooks would have to be the fact that we still have textbooks that weigh us down and make our posture worse than the hunchback of Notre Dame.  As many students do not even use their assigned locker and end up carrying six classes worth of textbooks, notes, and homework.

If we can access the textbooks online why do we need a physical copy? It’s nonsense really. The school should consider getting rid of some of these textbooks now that we have computers.

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