Internet Filtering

Bianca Cortez-Perez, Staff Writer

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Collinsville High School students are facing the drawbacks to internet filtering head- on as many websites used for homework are  blocked or missing content.

School librarian, Mrs. Schmidt said, “It’s frustrating. I was teaching a class using a website called Animoto. There were some things I could see on my screen but the students could not see on their screen. I couldn’t continue teaching the class.”

Why are so many websites blocked? How are students supposed to continue learning if more than half the websites are blocked? Admittedly, many websites do not have “pretty things,” but more than likely students are on there for school work. Youtube has lots of learning videos. Blocking websites is just blocking us from learning.

Students are not completely blocked from YouTube.  They have access to videos that YouTube deems educational.  Any YouTube video can be allowed for students to view by any teacher or staff approving the video.  The main reasons for this are to prevent students from viewing inappropriate content at school,” said Caleb Dick, Assistant Network Supervisor, when asked about internet filtering.

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  1. Autumn Baumgartner on October 25th, 2016 8:16 am

    I think they should refine their blocked searches/websites. There have been many times that I would research something and get all blocked websites, then what do I do? I have wasted time while studying/researching by having to click back on links because they are blocked. Why do they even show up in our searches if we cannot go to that website? I have noticed that some job sites are blocked also. Sure filling out a job application may not be educational but is just as vital to our future as college applications are in my opinion!


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Internet Filtering