Is College For You?

Luis Medina, Editorial Editor

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Since the days of nap time and juice boxes we’ve always been told we should try our best and do all of our work so one day we can get the chance of a higher education.

But is college really necessary in order to lead a successful life? Well, it may certainly help, but college isn’t for everyone.

There are many people who have not gone on to pursue a higher education than a high school diploma. Some do not even possess one yet have a higher income than their parents.

How you may ask? Determination and effort are key factors for individuals who enter some type of workforce fresh out of school. If you are determined to make something of yourself, you will. It’s that simple. Hard work and dedication go a long way.

Here at the high school of champions, we have an excellent vocational center that offers a wide variety of technical classes. The vocational center can and has helped students find work doing things that they genuinely enjoy. The students who take these classes usually take them for the simple fact that it is going to help propel them into a stable career.

Having connections can also help lead to a good career.  People you know, whether they are family or friends, can in some way help you find a career either working with or under them. Now, not everyone has that kind of an advantage or maybe you’re not interested in that type of labor. That’s okay. Maybe you should look into a secondary school.

The world changes everyday, and the American Dream has changed. Having a college degree is not necessary to live a happy and successful life, but it may help if you can’t find work.  Do what you love and be determined.

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Is College For You?