Lack of Assemblies Brings Down School Spirit

Alex DeLuca, Staff Writer

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It’s finally 2017 and getting close to graduation! Seniors are narrowing down colleges and struggling to get as many scholarships as possible, but very soon it will all be over. Looking back at the school year, we’ve already had homecoming, football games, hockey games, and a few basketball games but only one assembly. In my past three years, there has always been at least two assemblies. This year we have only had one and that is very upsetting for me. One of my favorite high school memories has been the assemblies and I know I am not the only one who wants another one.

Assemblies bring a ton of school spirit to the student body in a positive way. It helps bring the school together and recognize accomplishments of clubs and sports.

We could do a big assembly dedicated to the seniors graduating and the Kahok Krazies could organize everything. It would be a great way to end our school year on a positive note.


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Lack of Assemblies Brings Down School Spirit