Kahok Strong’s Big Race

Annamarie Ogan, Staff Writer

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Kahok strong is hosting their 4th annual 5k race at CHS on May 7. The race will start at nine in the morning and food such as bananas and granola bars will be provided after the race along with water. See Mr. Post in room 141 to register for the race.

The entirety of the race is funded by Kahok Strong and doesn’t get much help from the school. Mr. Post says, ¨We want to celebrate and strengthen the community.¨

The club generally make $500-$1000 in one race. They will have 125 to 175 people show for the race an around 25 to 30 Collinsville students.

The weather depends on how many people will show for the race. If it is rainy, about 125 people or less will show. Most everyone who registered for the race will show if the weather is nice.

Kahok Strong doesn’t just host a race, they also have scholarships to sign up for. Cosmic Bingo is another fundraiser they host and is the main source of their income.

They are a club that will provide any services to anyone in need of help. This helping hand stretches throughout the whole district for family, students, and anyone in the district.

Kahok Strong can supply anything from kitchen supplies, to clothes, to school supplies. Anyone who is in Kahok Strong helps with the club, this includes teachers, high school students, even elementary students.

The severity of the family’s problem depends on what they get. Sometimes Kahoks Strong will give funds to the family and if the issue is that bad the committee will decide how to handle it. Kahok Strong is a club that only wants to help others as much as they can while being as discreet as possible.  

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Kahok Strong’s Big Race