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Baby Contest Winner Announced

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Ms. Geppert

Ms. Geppert

Collinsville High School’s Cutest Baby Contest brings joy to many students at the pep assembly.

CHS´s 2017 winner is Libby Dill of the Cutest Baby Contest. The runner ups are Luke Moore, Audrey Fowler, and Justin Aylsworth.

Sticking with tradition, the cutest baby crawled across the gym floor wearing a diaper.

Libby thought it was funny and not embarrassing in the slightest.

¨It made me feel good I guess,” said Dill. “I felt appreciated by my fellow peers.”

For ten years Barbara Lindauer, sponsor of the multicultural club, has hosted the Cutest Baby Contest.

For a short amount of time Mrs. Gerstenecker, CHS´s Librarian assistant helped host the contest. Now she helps save the signs that the club uses for the contest.  

¨This year is the lowest amount of baby photos we have ever had,” said Lindauer. “We only had 28 students.¨

The yearly average of baby photos is over 40 baby photos. Students had one week to vote for the contest.

Mrs. Lindauer´s old high school, Belleville West, originally came up with the idea of the cutest baby idea about 50 years ago. She thought it would be a yearly contest for seniors at CHS too.

According to Mrs. Lindauer the winner of the contest will have his or her picture in the yearbook and wins a gift card to the St. Louis Bread Co.

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