Club takes steps towards combating bullying.


Riley Ponce, Staff Reporter

October is national bullying prevention month and Collinsville High School is participating in several anti-bullying activities this month in hopes in bringing attention to cruel and rude behavior.

Kahok United, a anti-bullying club at CHS that formed three years ago strategically planned several activities during lunch hours to raise awareness and bring students together.

“I think anytime you have groups of people, you have the opportunity for bullying to arise,” said Mrs. Trapp, sponsor of Kahok United. “I think the biggest thing we can do here, and everywhere is stand up for each other.”

According to, in order for something to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive in nature and must include a real or perceived imbalance of power and repetition.  

“Not every mean or unkind thing that is said is bullying,” said Mrs. Trapp. “ Bullying can be verbal, physical, or social.”

Students believe bullying does happen here at CHS.

“It isn’t bad in our school,” said junior Imani Anderson. “It is still an issue though.”

Students should take action if they see bullying happening.

“If anyone sees anyone else being treated unfairly, stand up for that person or get help,” said Mrs. Trapp. “ Each one of us can make a difference!”