Should Teenagers Be Allowed To Trick-or-Treat?

Cynthia Buettner, Staff Reporter

Halloween spending for this year specifically has reached a new high. Last year’s record was $8.4 billion; but this year has surpassed that, with $9.1 billion, according to ‘The Balance.’


The average American was expected to spend at least $86.13 for Halloween festivities and when you buy stuff for the holiday, a big portion of that is Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters.


Trick-or-treating has a lot of drama attached to it. There are people who don’t want to, there are people who go all out and there are people who just do it for the enjoyment of being out.


Trick-or-treating as a whole is just a fun experience for some people; but for others, it is a scary time. There is a big debacle over who should be allowed to trick-or-treat, where they should be allowed to trick-or-treat and if they are even “eligible” to trick-or-treat.


Most of the battle comes when you’re a teenager and young adult trying to trick-or-treat. Multiple sources say that they approve of a teenager or young adult trick-or-treating. That is something I among other people agree with. There is a major two-way split on the issue when it comes to how old you can be to still trick-or-treat, however.

There are also actual age limits set for certain towns, but in the end no one will really follow them because it all comes down to if the city itself wants to follow the rules set and enforce them. You shouldn’t have age restrictions if you will never enforce them.


Another problem is that people seem to disown when teens and young adults dress up with their friends, but when a parent or a legal guardian dresses up with a child that is alright.


I have interviewed quite a few people, including students and faculty, and I’ve found that the school faculty doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about teens and young adults trick-or-treating. In fact, they’re all mostly okay with it.


However, apart from just this school, the overall controversy for Halloween and the age limit for trick-or-treating is a bigger problem outside of CHS. Each person has their own individual view on this.


Overall, my opinion on this matter and how it should be resolved is as simple as this: the resolution should be that everyone should just chill out and become more open to kids older than 12 trick-or-treating.