How Times Have Changed at CHS

Nikie Stockley, Staff Reporter

Ever wonder how the teachers feel the school has changed? I asked several teachers what are some changes they have seen over the years. What they have to say might surprise you.


Ms. Lindauer–22 years

I feel that there is a lot more community involvement, but much less student involvement. Especially when it comes to social media being the main problem. There are more teachers here than before. But we aren’t able to get to know each other as well as we used to. There were more opportunities to get to do more it would be great. But the public has been a great part when asking the faculty about any upcoming event.¨


Mr. Kosberg–33 years and retiring in May 2018

“Over the years students have gradually taken much better care of their grooming and appearance, but exercise much less than their parents generation. Clothing is now much more interesting and varied, but lately seems to be quite shredded. Owning and operating a car are exponentially more expensive than it was 33 years ago.  Everyone carries their own pocket computer containing all the knowledge of the world within it, but the average high school student and young adult today seems to me to possess far less general knowledge of the world, other people, and events. People are much easier to get along with today, but they seem to have much less to talk about. Rebellion went away for many years but it is making a magnificent comeback within the last couple of years. However, it seems as though people are quite reluctant to ever change their minds these days, even after being confronted with overwhelming evidence. Compromise has become rare. Getting along is not important for many. Politeness and courtesy seem to be only for friends and acquaintances


Ms. Ponce–20 years

“Kids are kids – they don’t change but the cell phone distraction has increased problems.The staff used to have more time to to socialize and do things together.  It seems like everyone stays to their room/area more now. I miss a lot of the staff members that are gone. The CHS staff has always been a great group of people!”

Mrs. Cleveland–21 years

Students are much more open about their feelings, their opinions, and about every detail of their lives. Subjects that were considered private are almost mundane now. There is a liberation with the lifting of some of these reservations, but there is also more accountability. There are far more students with labels, too – anxiety disorder, ADD, OCD, depression, and many more.  I don’t know if more are diagnosed or what is the impetus behind this, but I feel students have dealt with these issues for decades in different ways or without the help they needed. It is just more open now.  The increase in the number of students whose struggles are known is staggering. As a teacher, I do my best to provide a safe haven for all students, teaching skills to apply universally, while guiding them toward the services available in our school and giving them the opportunity to focus elsewhere for my hour each day.”