Not Your Parent’s Poetry

Brett Willis, Staff Reporter

A poetry slam is not your parent’s type of poetry. Traditional poetry is written in one-dimensional form. This is 3-D. Poetry slams are performed in front of an audience.

“It is one half a poem and one half a performance,” according to Ms. Knebel, a teacher in the english department at CHS.

For seven years CHS students have been encouraged to create slam poetry. For the last two years, students have also been able to compete for prizes at the area’s Verb Quake event. When asked before the poetry slam, Knebel said she’s super excited and expected it to be a very interesting event. The winners were Keana Fox in first place, Olivia Felty in second place, and Ronyae Mcclure in third.

CHS has a slam poetry team called “il Noise” which is entered in the 2018 Verb

Quake competition. Verb Quake is held at St Louis Community College in Forest Park. Student Kiana Fox, one of the team participants, said she enjoys the chance to be together with other students who create poetry slam. “I love when we share our writings,” Fox said.

As expected, the event went smooth and, overall, people felt good about what happen. “I’d like a few more people to attend, but I felt good about it,” said Olivia Felty.