Solutions for the Student Parking Lot

Joe Spotanski, Staff Reporter/ Web Designer

Side swipes, fender benders, keyings. Those are a few examples of what happens in the CHS student parking lot. There is no possible way to end all of it, but little has been done to help out. There is plenty that can be done to help get students out of the parking lot safely and in a timely manner.


One solution is having a monitor in the parking lot. The student parking lot feels like a battleground at times. A free-for-all attempting to exit your spot, get in line, and leave the campus. An authoritative figure in the parking lot could watch over the line of students leaving. In the past there use to be an aid that would watch the students leave in their car, but for whatever reason that is no longer a role that someone fills. Someone just watching could make the students more aware that driving reckless could land them in trouble.


Another option is cameras. The closest camera that I know of is within the gates on campus. That camera should be able to catch the main parking lot, but not the student parking lot. That means that if anything that happens in the parking lot doesn’t get pointed out to the administrators, then it feels like it never happened. I have noticed my fair share of hit ‘n runs, drug activity, and keyings. Having cameras in the parking lot would help crack down on those students and clean up the parking lot.


The last change that would help the parking lot is another exit. There are a total of three routes that lead out of the parking lot. The main road, back road, or bus lot. The main road exit is mostly used by cars in the main parking lot with a few drivers from the student parking lot mixed in with them. The problem with it is that you could end up sitting in that line for an upwards of 15-20 minutes and not move an inch. The back road exit is used mostly by drivers in the student parking lot with some main parking lot drivers added to the mix. The problem is that with the majority of drivers in the line to leave out of the back road are student drivers that are doing everything they can to leave. You can get cut off, side swiped, or cursed at from students rushing out. The last way is the bus lot. The bus lot, like how it sounds, is used by the buses to leave and occasionally anyone who can make it there. It is the least used route out because to get to it you have to cross through the main road’s exit line.


In all honesty the last one is pretty out there, but the first two options are feasible. With at least a little bit of monitoring in the student parking lot, there’s an opportunity for a ton of positive change.