Discrimination or Religion

Audrey Fowler, Staff Reporter

As many cases have been appearing about LGBTQ lately, the Supreme Court hears a new case regarding man who refuses to provide a service to an engaged gay couple. Colorado baker, Jake Phillips, makes cakes for a living but stays close to his religious beliefs. He told reporters, he believes that “God designed marriage to be between a man and woman”. Phillips lawyers point out this aspect is the First Amendment, “freedom of speech” and “freedom of excise”. But, the flip side of this is discrimination against the LGBTQ couple. This couple, Charlie Mullins and Charlie Craig, simply asked for a cake made, but because of the baker’s personal beliefs, he denied them.

As a firm supporter of the LGBTQ community, I believe that this is morally wrong. I understand Phillips’ point of view, but at the same time it’s discriminating a person. Now that Colorado is legalized state of gay-marriage, I think as a business owner, you should understand that there will people gay people contributing to sales-especially wedding cakes. To me, it just seems like the LGBTQ already has difficulties with society that denial of this could be even more harmful. Our society should have come far enough to be able to treat one another with respect and to be kind. Times are changing and I think so should we.

Concluding the case, the couple filed a complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights

Commission with the anti-discrimination law being ruled in their favor. Phillips tried taking it to the Appeals, but they did not side in his favor as he would not be able to deny a person of services because of who they are. But he still fought the fact he was being “compelled”. The American Civil Liberties Union defended Mullins and Craig throughout the case while the Trump Administration sides with Phillips as they too argued the First Amendment rights and that cake designing is an art. “An artist cannot be forced to paint, a musician cannot be forced to play, and a poet cannot be forced to write.”

My call to action would be for people to accept people and their differences for yourselves. This era is the time of change and together, everyone could be happy. This country should be a place of acceptance and equality so everyone should feel safe being themselves. We are a free country and people should have the freedom to be themselves.