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Inside Look at Kahok Hockey Team

Riley Ponce, Staff Reporter

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The Kahok Hockey team has had a competitive season as they head into the playoffs. After losing head coach, Douglas Levy, for undisclosed reasons, the team was still able to end their regular season with a record 12-6-1. A successful hockey team is based on how each of the players work with each other and how a single player holds himself accountable. The players explain their personal experience and the chemistry on the ice.


Grant Goodson- goalie, sophomore player

Q: How do you prepare for the season and games?

A: “Preparation for the season starts for me way before I even get back on the ice from the last game of the previous season. I have books that I read and reread to enforce those topics into my head; staying within my head is the most important. When getting back onto the ice, I work with a guy out of St. louis by the name of Bruce Racine. He is a former nhl goalie for multiple teams and a stanley cup champion. Being on the ice with him is the best thing any goalie could ask for. Before games are a little more normal, being sure to eat proper before I play is very important to me, something with carbs like pasta is pretty good for me. Also warm up music, good stretches, and a little soccer with the team. I don’t talk too much before a game since it’s focus time for me, as soon as the helmets on it’s go time.”

Q: How do you feel with your defense?

A:”Defense on our team fluctuates, our speed and experience against good players may not be the best, but they get the job done, most of the time. Communication is probably the most important thing to me being able to know where everyone is and

to know they know where to be is comforting. Even if we faulted I know they’re not about to give up, they will go out and keep going whether it is 10-0 them or 2-1 us.”

Q: Do your teammates encourage you?

A: “My teammates no doubt encourage me, whether it’s after a tough loss or a bad goal they’re always there to tell me to keep my head up and in the game, they always say that they need me and to remember that we wouldn’t be able to win some of the games we do without me and it really helps me to play my best.”

Q: What shot is the hardest to stop?

A: “To me, the hardest shot might not be how you think, it’s the slower ones you really need your reactions for. Playing AAA those fast shots you have positioning and know how to stop them based on the position of the stick and the shooter. When it comes to some slower shots, it’s just harder to get back in the flow of not over reacting to shots. Breakaways are sort of tough but if you just let the player make the move whether it be a shot or a deek, it’s easier to track them. Maybe screenshots are the hardest, it’s much easier to stop the puck when I can see it. Not too many people can just stop the puck when you never see the shot and are blocked out. Those you just gotta go down and hope it hits out with arms out wide, gotta give it everything these games coming up are the most important and we have just as good of a chance as anyone of winning it all.”


Hunter Longhi- winger, sophomore player
Q: How did you start playing hockey?

A: “I started playing hockey when I was around four years old. I was always a fan growing up and went to my first NHL game

when I saw the Blues when I was two. From them on I always wanted to be on the ice in a rink. It was so much fun to me, seeing all those big guys going really fast up and down the ice. When I got the opportunity to put on my first pair of skates, I didn’t want to take them off. My parents put me in a “learn to play” program at Fairview ice rink.”
Q: What is your favorite thing about hockey?

A: ”My favorite thing about hockey would have to be the freedom I have when I am out there. The limitless opportunities the game gives me. The friends I get to meet, the places I get to explore while on hockey trips, and most importantly, the relationships I build with my teammates. High school is such a fun experience to be apart of. The fans that come to see me just make me feel like I’ve already made it to the big stage. I’m always having fun showing my peers my talents.
Q: What are some strong points on your team?

A: “ The strongest points that I see in my team would have to be talent, energy, and most importantly, heart. Sometimes we have off days, but the next day we bounce back and get a big win. Our goalie, Grant Goodson, is the strongest part of our team. Without him, we would not be winning at all. He keeps us in there during close games and shuts the door on anyone who tries to score. My teammates push me to always put in a hundred percent.”


Noah Scrum- center, junior player
Q: How is the chemistry on the team?

A: “The chemistry of the team is good, everyone is starting to bond together and it could make this season a special one.”

Q: Why do you play?

A: “The reason I play and most kids play, is for the love towards the game.”
Q: How are the attitudes on the team?

A: “The attitudes towards each other are good and there is little negativity. Everyone is optimistic that we are among the top three teams that have a chance of winning the championship.”


Alex Stenger- winger, sophomore player
Q: How did you start playing hockey?

A: “I started playing hockey two years ago after my big brother started playing. I went to his games and watched the Kahok Hockey team win the 1A championship and I knew that I wanted to play hockey.”
Q: Who is one of you hockey inspirations? Why?

A:”David Backes is one of my inspirations. He used to be the captain of the Blues. He always kept his cool and was overall a great player. He scored many goals and had great hands.”

Q: Is winning the main goal of your team?

A: “Winning for us is not the main goal. I think our main goal as a team is communication, passing, and being able to work together to move the puck up the ice.”

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