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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Cynthia Buettner, Staff Reporter

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As the Christmas season comes to an end, one thing should stick out to the readers in general. The third to last movie of the 2017 year was a major motion picture from a series of nine episodes; Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi came after its predecessor, The Force Awakens. In the sequel movies you meet a main character named Rey. She comes from a town of nothing and ends up leaving with an escaped storm trooper. Their journey is just a setting for The Last Jedi.


Rey finds out she has the power of the Jedi in her when she takes Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. She ends up going on a trek to find him and return the saber along with asking for help.


Starting up the second movie in the prequel, Luke doesn’t want Rey around. He is reluctant to help her the entire time she’s there until he sees that she wields the Force. He decides to train her but soon notices she has a somewhat dark power.


As the story progresses in The Last Jedi, you begin to see even more of a character development within Rey (Daisy Ridley), Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Three very diverse personalities but all with the same goal in mind, using the Force.


Throughout the movie the watchers can understand what’s happening and be a part of the experience, following Rey.

Princess Leia that everyone knows and loves was played by the famous Carrie Fisher. However, she has recently passed so the movie creators had a while to deal with how to handle this. Fisher’s family had to publicly announce their approval of using her in the film too.


Despite minor setbacks throughout the process of shooting the movie and getting to still release the movie on the determined date, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, has done a marvelous job to continue the series.


There have been some mixed reviews from the public but overall there’s a total of 56% Rotten Tomatoes. The movie has been tied with Episode II: Attack of the Clones for the lowest audience rating of the Star Wars franchise.

Despite the low percentage, multiple Star Wars fans have been pleased. Videos have surfaced from fans going crazy in theatres, to even dressing up and having lightsaber fights outside in the parking lots.


Fans should keep in mind the new directors and actors and brace themselves for the last Star Wars movie sequel in December 2019, Episode IX. While they wait, there’s another side story coming out May 2018 called Solo: A Star Wars Story.


It’s safe to say that the many generations and love for Star Wars will never die and they’ll live on forever, just like the Force.

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