Diamonds 4 Kahoks

Emma Hrabusicky, Staff Writer

Collinsville High School Athletic Department is taking the initiative to create a long overdue on-campus facility, hence the name Diamonds 4 Kahoks. 

But how does this benefit the students and athletes of CHS? 

Diamonds 4 Kahoks is a “program that was initiated by the Athletic Department and supported by the Board of Education to improve on-campus facilities and create a plethora of uses,” said Kahok Baseball Head Coach Brett Swip. 

The program itself was created to raise money for the project, which AD Clay Smith says is just about $3 million to start construction. 

In order to get funding for this project, the community will have to come together. Many businesses and larger names in the area have already donated, but it will take much more to start. 

The new on-campus facilities will be created on the hill directly behind the Auxiliary Gymnasium. Although we are losing the Russ Keene baseball field, a usual practice spot for all sports and a cross country meet location, there is more than just softball and baseball diamonds being built. 

When asked about the benefits of this project, Swip and Smith were most concerned about the same issue–the safety of our student athletes. 

“By having on-campus facilities it keeps kids at school… less transportation,” said Swip.

Another benefit they both found to be exponentially important is the ability to have exclusive rights to our own field. “Many schools around us have the ability to revamp their facilities, which is something we don’t have access to,” said Smith. 

This project doesn’t just benefit the athletic side of things; it also creates a feeling of togetherness and home. 

“How cool would it be for a girls soccer game to be going on, while also a doubleheader for baseball and softball? Which is the main goal of our new facility,” asked Smith.

Our new CHS project will bring in more support for the teams that play off-campus as well. “The events that are held on campus create a really cool feeling, which will give our baseball and softball players a chance to experience that,” said Swip. 

Although this project has a seemingly long road ahead, Smith has high hopes for CHS to start construction in Spring 2024.