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    Safety at Schools and Games


    When students do not feel safe, their mental health suffers and negatively impacts their academic performance. To thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, students require a safe and supportive school environment as the foundation for success. With the presence of security professionals on school premises, they help prevent students from engaging in acts of violence and various disciplinary infractions, including bullying, fighting, assault, sexual misconduct, harassment, threats, theft and vandalism. Collinsville High School has two security guards who switch throughout the schools in the district. They have an on-site police officer who stays on campus all day during school hours. Officer Porter, the head of security, provided some information.

    Why are clear bags only a new requirement at school games? And why is it a good idea? 

    Clear bags were brought into effect so security doesn’t have to go through everyone’s belongings. It also saves a lot of time. With clear bags security knows what is being brought into the school.

    Why are there rules? 

    All rules are put in place because someone did it already. If there were no rules, everyone would do whatever they wanted. 

    Why is it important for all the monitors and security?

     The school is like a small city, instead of having to call the local police multiple times a day they provide schools with monitors, security, and police officers. Also due to previous school shootings around the world. 

    Why is it important for fire alarms all over the school?

     To be aware of any smoke or fires. 

    What are the rules for attending a school game?

     You must be a high school student, with an ID or with a parent or guardian. You can only bring in a clear bag or no bag. 

    Why is it important for everyone to wear an ID? 

    IDS are required so the security and monitors know who belongs and who doesn’t. It prevents any danger and helps identify everyone.


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