CHS Sports Staying Safe

Trinity Roth

Sports have a challenge this year and it isn’t against a competitor. COVID has caused high school sports to make major changes to practices and competition in order to practice good safety measures.

CHS sports teams are working their hardest to keep students safe and healthy. Having many athletes on a team causes a few challenges along the way. 

One of the challenges awaits inside closed off areas, such as locker rooms and weight rooms. Football players constantly wear their mask and stick to six feet apart. 

“We wear our masks unless we are spotting for certain workouts,” linebacker Ashtin Lintin said. “The coaches clean the weight room when we are finished.”

Like football, soccer too plays on a large field which does allow for safety precautions to be taken as they can spread out. 

“We don’t wear masks when we scrimmage,” said Midfield David Garcia. Currently, scrimmaging only happens between their own teammates and not with other schools. At their practices they have approximately thirty boys with a few girls joining in as well. Although there are a large amount of students Garcia ensures that they are staying safe. Off the field, the students wear their mask and distance themselves. “It is not difficult to distance ourselves when we have got the whole football field to ourselves,” said Garcia. 

During a normal season, cross country tends to have a lot of runners for marathons and races but this year the numbers have been reduced. 

According to junior, Lorelei Harness, our varsity runners (up to seven) go to races rather than the rest of the team in order to keep the number of contact small. 

We can see the common factor that the athletes only take off their mask when their breathing becomes constricted. Our school is taking as many precautions possible to keep everyone safe while giving students the opportunity to continue.