Sports Adaptations

Logan O

We are living in times that will go down in history as extraordinary. With the coronavirus going around the world, we have been forced to adapt to changes we’d never thought we’d have to make. Contactless football? Socially-distanced wrestling? No high fives in bowling? What about the roar of the crowd after a buzzer beater? For the time being, sports are being forced to change, and not necessarily for the better.

Kahok Bowling Coach Sean Hay stated that one of the restrictions being faced is the number of people being allowed in the building during a match, which means that tournaments are not allowed to be held at this time. Coaches are still planning for how to get the tournaments in, but Coach Hay believes they are prepared to face the restrictions that are put into place. 

“Bowlers are usually close to each other on the lanes so there will have to be some sort of social distancing going on there,” said coach Hay. “Since we bowl during cold and flu season, some of our behavior we practice now may translate into less transmission of those ailments going forward,” said coach Hay. “We will be more aware of our own illnesses and how they affect others which should help make everyone more healthy in general,” coach Hay stated.

Coach Hay also believes that the team shouldn’t make excuses this season and instead look at them as challenges that can help them be better.

“These are challenges that we have to take as a lesson to learn and grow, not make excuses,” said Coach Hay.

On the topic of seniors, coach Hay believes they are fortunate enough to be in a sport that they can play for their entire lives. “This is not anyone’s last chance,” said Coach Hay. 

Nathan Hay, who has bowled on boy’s varsity, feels that the restrictions will affect his play to a certain extent. 

“With every shot I am either giving a high five or a pat on the back or something along those lines, and without that I feel the energy won’t be the same,” said Nathan. He also believes that the restrictions will affect the teams play to an extent, but by the end of the season, they will be well adapted to the changes and will be able to win.

CHS Athletic Director Clay Smith says that football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, dance, and cheer are unable to be played right now. Coach Smith claims that one of the biggest hurdles they have right now is wearing a mask while playing. Coach Smith also claimed that he understands why these restrictions are put into place, however, he does feel that some of the restrictions can be lifted allowing for safe play. 

Coach Smith thinks the hardest sport to get going will be wrestling.

“The amount of contact in that sport compared to others is off the chart,” said Smith. “If the kids will need to wear a mask while playing, that will be challenging for everyone.” 

Coach Smith said the number one goal is to get seniors their final season.

“I can’t imagine what some of those seniors from the class of 2020 that could not play were feeling,” said coach Smith.

The world knows that this season won’t be 100 percent the same as seasons before, but it can still happen. So much time and effort is being put in so that students can get the full experience of their sport and maybe even fans will be able to join at some point in the season. It won’t be too much longer before sports start up and before you know it spring time will be here and it’ll be time for round two. Buckle up Kahoks, we’re in for a ride.