New five minute schedule change


Ariana Dabney, Staff Writer

Collinsville High School started a new schedule time this year, resulting in a five minutes early start and end time. 

Joe McGinnis, the Vocational Principal of Collinsville High School, said the reason for the schedule change was due to bus transportation.

“Some buses were late to the school because of the original schedule time,” McGinnis said.

McGinnis said that the new schedule does not affect his school routine, and enjoys getting out five minutes early. McGinnis explained that the reason that it wasn’t an earlier or later starting time was because Dorris Intermediate School went back 10 minutes because of the busing situation. McGinnis went on to say that the new school schedule will patiently stay this way for future years to come.                         

Michelle Soto, a senior at Collinsville High School, said that the new five minute early schedule affects the time that she arrives at school since she drives herself.

“I’m sometimes late to school because of the new schedule,” Soto said. “I prefer the old schedule.” 

Soto said that the new schedule affects her sleep schedule and how she has to wake up earlier and she would rather sleep in.