School Spirit

The Kahok Way

Isabelle McCardle, Staff Writer

We hear “Wear Purple on Fridays” just about every week. Do you know the importance of wearing purple and showing school spirit?

It’s Friday, and as I walk the halls I see people with Kahok gear on, purple all over their shirts. I step into class and to see I am the only student in that class wearing purple. Where did the school spirit go? 

School spirit can be shown by students, teachers, and all staff wearing their purple shirts and supporting all the athletes and students. 

 Purple is not just a color; it is the Kahok purple that brings a community together. We wear purple to represent our school, to show that this is where we go to school and we are proud to go to school here. The same for teachers and staff; wearing purple is showing that you are proud to work at this school and teach the students who will benefit from the education that you are giving. 

Some people might say “Well I don’t have a purple shirt.” The good thing is that right across the street from our school is All Pro Tees, and they sell most of the purple gear you see walking through the halls. Another place that even sells Kahok shirts is Walmart!

We show up to games wearing purple, and the students sit in the student section cheering on all the athletes that are playing for their school. The athletes feed off of the crowd’s excitement, and if they aren’t noisy, and yelling, then athletes won’t be as motivated. The louder the crowd cheers the more confidence the athletes will have during the game or even during a performance. Showing up to any school event is you showing school spirit. 

There are so many things you can do to show your spirit every week or every month. You can go to Football games, Volleyball games, Soccer games, drama club performances, and band performances. As we move into winter sports, there will be more things like Basketball games, hockey games, and so much more. You can find the right thing for you to enjoy so come out, watch, and enjoy showing your school spirit; there is always something for everyone. 

Find that one thing, start wearing your purple, and show school spirit on Fridays.