Hispanic Heritage Month

Sherlin Martinez, Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month is October and CHS are celebrating it with a spirit week.

Hispanic Heritage Month is important because it recognizes and celebrates the many contributions, diverse cultures, and extensive histories of the American Latino community. 

The big difference between this year and last year was that they had this folklórico dance, which was a group of dancers with brightly colored skirts, embroidered jackets and hats, and fleet feet that tap out a syncopated beat as lively music plays. There’s many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Reading books written by Latino or Hispanic authors and poets. 

Our library has many books written in Spanish and by Latino authors. During Hispanic Heritage Month a lot of Hispanic parades happen and a lot of parties to celebrate this month. During this month we had a spirit week at CHS! On Tuesday it was ranchero day where you dressed up all over the country wearing boots and cowboy hats, Wednesday we had to wear your favorite jersey, Thursday we had culture day, and of course we had to wear purple on Friday!

Thursday we had the folklórico dance which was an amazing performance from our Hispanic Heritage Club! 

Friday we had taco trucks outside the cafeteria which was amazing! For the Hispanic Heritage Club I want to thank them reminding me of who we are.