Bring Back Staggered Release

Georgia Cox, Staff Writer

During Covid, school changed the release time to being staggered for the sake of not having as many students in one place at the same time. This made things not only easier to get out of the school, but it also made it safer to exit, as well as more time efficient when it comes to leaving the school property in less time. 

By bringing back staggered releases in our school, we would see better safety in our parking lot, meaning, there would be fewer  accidents, better flow of traffic, and reduced buses getting behind schedule. 

The way we could release our students would be the same way as we have done before– dismissing seniors first, then juniors, followed by sophomores, and finally freshmen. 

We know that this has worked in the past, and does not affect the students nor teachers in negative ways. By bringing this back, we would find improvements in safety and efficiency in our after school dismissal.