CHS Should Bring Lockers Back

Audrey Cummins, Staff Writer

During Covid, lockers were removed as part of a Covid health safety procedure. However, what was thought to be only a temporary thing, turned out to be permanent. As of this school year the lockers are being taken down and turned into more classrooms. While this might not seem like a huge deal, there are actually many reasons as to why lockers are important such as safety of possessions (phones, computers, money, airpods, etc.), and the fact that backpacks are heavy and most of the time, I only use a couple of items in each of my class periods. 

Students should have a secure place to stow their belongings. For example, in the cafeteria backpacks are not allowed in the serving line and we are supposed to leave them at the tables. This is an issue because many students keep things such as money, electronics, and valuable items in their backpacks, and they are simply not protected in just a backpack. Items are also likely to get stolen in the locker room during PE and athletics. The gym lockers are also very small if you are not an athlete. I know many people have had things stolen from their lockers such as airpods or money. 

The other issue of not having lockers is the simple fact that backpacks can be heavy. As a result of the school no longer having lockers, students are required to carry their backpacks around all day. While some of the classes require little to no materials, some classes require heavy textbooks. These textbooks become especially heavy when carrying them around campus all day. Over time the weight of carrying a heavy backpack all day begins to take a toll on your back. There is no reason students should have to endure these troubles. 

A solution to this would simply be to not take down all of the lockers. The school could still have the extra classrooms, and students would  be able to have a secure place for their items. A five minute passing period would still give students plenty of time to stop by their lockers before and after each class period. With new classrooms being built, there may be limited space for lockers. However, this could be handled similar to the parking lot situation where students submit an application and pay a small fee to obtain a locker. Lockers would be better for the well being of students at CHS.