Bring back Winter Ball

Lily Jurgena, Staff Writer

School dances are something that students have to look forward to all year. We look forward to Homecoming and Prom and the exciting weeks of celebration that come with them. Dances give us a sense of excitement and maybe even motivation, but what do we have to look forward to in the long months between the two? A winter dance could be a great filler between the long gap of homecoming and prom, and could be a fun way to celebrate the holidays. If we have a winter ball it could be another reason for students to stay motivated and have something to look forward to.

A winter ball is a great way to motivate students and give us something to look forward to during the boring winter months. For many people, seasonal depression becomes a big issue during this time of year. While a dance won’t solve everyone’s issues, a dance could give a sense of excitement and relief during a rough time. It could be a celebration of holidays, ending of finals, and a good midyear party to help everyone be proud of making it halfway through the year. All grades could attend in formal wear with snacks, drinks and a night of dancing.

To get this type of dance approved, we need support from faculty and students. This formal could also raise money for the school and at the same time students will have fun when their options are limited due to weather. If this dance is approved, it could create a new excitement for those who would need a little joy during the cold season. Having a winter ball could be a beautifully created party if help is given by those willing to create an amazing night. It could change mental health and motivation for those who need a winter pick me up.