Marching Kahoks Making History

Isabelle McCardle, Staff Writer

This 2022-2023 season the Marching Kahoks performed the show “Midnight City” at competitions, which led them to break records and make history. 

Consisting of 121 members, The Kahoks Marching Band goes to competitions, performs at football half-time, and performs for the community in parades along with other events. 

Band Director Alfredo DeLeon had amazing things to say about the support the community has given them this season. 

“I am really happy about the community’s support, even at our community preview there was a ton of support,” said DeLeon. 

Senior Destiny Thomas is the band’s head drum major. She has been a drum major for the past three years for the Marching Kahoks.

“My biggest responsibility is keeping the band on time. I work hand in hand with the percussion to make sure the band carries a consistent tempo throughout the performance,” said Thomas. “I run rehearsals a lot and guide the band through most of our performances. It is also my responsibility to ensure that everyone has a good time!” 

The Kahoks attended the Metro East Marching Classic at O’Fallon High School where they received 1st place in class 3A. 

They also received 2nd place at the Illinois State Marching Band Championships, which is the highest they have placed at this competition. They then went into finals and placed 9th in their class which was the first time in history doing so!

“Not to be cliche, but I honestly can say I am proud of everything we have done,” said Thomas. “Every moment shaped us into who we are this season.”

Their season isn’t quite over yet. They will perform at their Holiday concert on December 15 and Winter concert on February 16, doors open at 6:30 and costs $5 to get in. 

Now what is to come of next season?

“It may have looked like a complicated set up this year and it was, but next year’s will be more complicated,” said DeLeon. 

They are expected to have more visuals on the field with their show next year. Now we don’t know what next year’s show will exactly be, but if it will be more complicated everyone will be on the edge of their seats waiting.

The Marching Kahoks had a wonderful show this season! They put in dedication to make records and history for the future Marching Kahoks.