Bathroom renovations in progress


Joseph Wimer, Staff Writer

CHS will soon begin renovations to student bathrooms.

Clean restrooms are a crucial part for student and staff attendance. 

“The bathrooms, specifically the cafeteria, are dirty and are in need of fixing,” said senior Cody Leatz.

“School bathrooms and student safety is what we are looking to maintain and make better,” said Mr. McGinnis the Assistant Principal and CAVC Director.

These new restrooms will feature a more open layout compared to the older ones which the layouts go back to the late 1970s when the school was under construction. While new fixtures and sinks have been added in years past, new ones are still needed. In addition to the layout updates the new restrooms will receive new paper towel dispensers, bright lights and newer automatic sinks. They plan to have another four restrooms completed over this next summer and by the beginning of the school.

In the summer of 2024 the remaining restrooms will be completed in time for the graduating Class of 2025.