Raise Praise for Kahok Athletes

Jonathan Sewell, Staff Writer

We have a large student population here at Collinsville High School; however, there is noticeably less support for our Kahok athletes at sporting events when compared to other schools.

Our Kahok Football team had a fantastic season this year. They made history by being the first Collinsville High School Football team to ever win a playoff game, and yet it never seemed like the students were fully involved in the games. Furthermore, there is even less support and recognition from the students for other Kahok sports teams. Being a member of the boys track team I go to nearly every meet during the season and hardly ever do I see students in attendance at our meets. There have been countless times for me alone where I need the support of my friends and fellow Kahoks, but no one is there to give it. I know it is hard for everyone on the team to not have that support and takes away from the experience and joy of competing in a sport. 

The Kahok Krazies are a great way to bring support to all of our athletic teams here at CHS; however, only having a select few students as members just doesn’t bring enough bodies to support at all events. By allowing students from multiple classes to join the Krazies, we could bring support to all of our athletes by having someone they know personally cheering them on. 

Another way to bring support to our athletes is to post sporting events on social media as to advertise the sporting events. Many of our sports teams already have posts on social media, so adding posts for each sport wouldn’t be a difficult way to increase support for our teams.

Here at Collinsville High School we have experienced adversity in the past couple of years and sports have been heavily impacted. Now it is time to revive our school spirit by getting out to sporting events and putting a smile on all of our faces. Let’s show the world what it means to be a Kahok!