Required Class should mean Required participation

Luis Huerta, Staff Writer

The CHS Physical Education Department is in a constant struggle to get students to participate in activities day after day. Participation in any school work or activity that relates to getting a grade shouldn’t be an option. 

As a required class in order to graduate, P.E. should be seen as important a class as any other and participation is to be expected with no excuses. No dressing and no participation have become a very strong and negative trend. It is being seen more and more every day in P.E. classes at CHS. 

There are several ways that teachers are trying to accommodate students. However, these students should realize that participation in P.E. is beneficial to one’s health.

Over the years there has been a decrease in intensity in the workouts that our P.E. classes have. This could’ve been done in an attempt to get more students to participate and try to keep grades at higher levels. Very few cardio and workout classes are being seen this semester. 

A couple of years ago a regular P.E. class would consist of two cardio classes, two activity classes and one optional activity class. This semester almost every day is an optional activity class, with a very short warm up. 

Even though there is a very short warm up, which typically takes under five minutes, there are a lot of students who refuse to participate. This is a major problem.

All high schools in Illinois are required to give students a Physical Education course as stated in the Illinois School Code, 105 ILCS 5/27-6. The lack of participation makes it a lot harder for the teachers and school to fulfill the State’s requirements. 

There are a lot of reasons why students choose not to participate or not to follow simple rules and instructions. It could be lack of energy, motivation, entertainment, etc. However students should start to realize the reality of having to participate in activities even if they don’t want to do such things. 

Adult life is near all of us students here at CHS and when we get to it we won’t be given the choice to participate and follow instructions – we will be only expected to do as we are told. In a real life scenario, a simple lack of participation could take a toll on any of our lives.