Parking Problems

Angelina Reeves, Staff Writer

The drive into school is one that shows common courtesy and friendliness. In the morning cars will take turns letting each other into the school which makes traffic run at a normal pace. The drive out is a different story, which is causing traffic congestion because cars are parking in a “ no parking zone.” This entrance is at the front of CHS. The road between the two parking lots is a narrow road meant for two way traffic. The ‘ No parking zone’ is there so cars can get out of the parking lot and give room for the parents picking up their children. 

Personally I feel this all needs to be fixed. There should be no reason why people are parking there when it says you’re not allowed to. Maybe if we did a staggered  release like we used to do it might make the parking lot a lot easier. We would do the seniors first and then the juniors then finally the sophomore and freshman. 

More should be done to fix this problem. There are multiple monitors that stand outside at the end of the day and they should speak up and tell them they can’t park there. Another way we could fix it is by taking some of the dirt from the back of the hill and putting it in the ditches and making the road bigger so more cars can fit through. We need to show some courtesy when we are leaving like we do in the morning at school. We all want to get home safely.