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Art classes aren’t only just for fun they also provide many benefits.  Students can explore various forms of creative expression like painting, drawing, sculpture, and even digital art. Taking art in high school is great because it allows you to nurture your creativity, discover new passions, and express yourself in unique ways. Plus, it can be a fun break from other academic subjects. Collinsville High School offers multiple different types of art classes. The classes are, Art, Drawing, Cartooning, Sculpture, Painting, Crafts, and Ceramics. 

What do you do in art?  In art class, they use everything from graphite to paint, which allows students to dip their toes into art and see how they like it. In order to take drawing class, students need to have taken and passed art. This class focuses more on refining drawing skills and completing projects that enhance their skills, and occasionally push the students outside of their comfort zone. Ms. Alex Wede provided the following information regarding art classes.

Is art a year long class?
Depending on which class you take, Art is a semester-long class ,and drawing is a year-long class.

Is art fun?
Most students enjoy having art class in their school day. It is a creative outlet for them, and many students find it relaxing. 

What things are done in art?
You complete drawings, use different media including but not limited to colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels, acrylic paint and watercolor paint. All of the projects in art class are two-dimensional, done on paper. 

What’s the point of art?
Art is important because it is integrated in all aspects of life. Advertising, product design, interior design, fashion, video games- these are only a few examples of how art is used in everyday life. Art is also a fun way to relax and create things that you like. 

Does art help you for the future?
Art can help you in the future. You use it on a daily basis, whether decorating your home or at work. It helps build creativity and if nothing else, everyone should have a hobby, and art is a great one to have! It helps develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills, which are valuable in many careers. 

Check the school website or ask your counselor for more information.

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