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Anxious Teenage Student Sitting Examination In School Hall

Every high school student, particularly Juniors and Seniors, has become incredibly wary of the mid-late Spring academic season. For students, this period means a wild and stressful limbo where you’re expected to take several tests that will merely determine the rest of your life and career from this point forward… no pressure or anything.

As a Junior coming fresh out of the SAT and preparing for AP Test season, the pressure is on. For most students, this is their first (and only) time taking tests that will determine whether they’ll get into their ideal schools or not. Isn’t that wild? These test scores define the rest of our lives. Some answers we plug into a computer at age 17 will determine what schools we get accepted into and what paths we can take in our futures. Oh but don’t worry, young one, you’re able to retake these tests… for a fee. What fee you ask? Ah… just a few bucks… and your soul.

Okay, maybe not your soul, but it certainly can feel like it sometimes.

Every student feels differently about these tests, but I think we can all agree on two things: test-taking sucks, and feeling the burden of your future on your shoulders is horrifying. No matter how many practice tests you take, no matter how many study groups you attend, no matter how prepared you think you are, deep down you know that this test is important and there is a lot of pressure weighing on you. The only thing that differs from person to person is how much you care about that future pressure. Are you more go-with-the-flow, or are you the type to lose sleep and precious hours worrying about what the future holds?

Regardless of how you may feel about exam season, know that you are not alone. It’s a scary time. Don’t accept defeat just yet, take a deep breath, and relax. Your concerns are valid, however, CHS (in my experience) has done a particularly good job of preparing its students for success. Many CHS teachers have taken class time to discuss these tests, provided students with websites and other resources for studying, and offered after-school tutoring for those who are particularly worried about exams. Reaching out to ask for this assistance can be scary, however, it’s one hundred percent worth it in the end.

You may be reading this article for advice. To which I say, I’m honored, but I’m no “Ask Amy.” But, as a student, I feel that I’m at least semi-qualified to share my two cents on the matter. 

I say: You’ve got this. It’s scary, and you’re allowed to be scared but know that you are more than a couple of test scores. You are your own person with your own skillset. No matter what some teachers may say, you have a future, a bad score doesn’t close opportunities, and a good score doesn’t necessarily open them. Go on in life embracing your individuality, your talents, your dreams, and your interests, not a number you’re given during your junior or senior year. If you’re anything like me, your brain will try to convince you otherwise. You just have to try your best to go against those fears and pressures around you. Study. Breathe. You’ve got this.

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Naomi Hurst, Staff Writer
Naomi Hurst is a junior at Collinsville High School, and this is her first official year on The Kahoki staff. She spends most of her time working as the Stage Manager of the CHS Drama Club. She enjoys listening to music, watching TV and movies, playing D&D, hanging out with her friends, and taking photos. After high school, Naomi hopes to go to Columbia College in Chicago and get a BFA in photography. She’s an incredibly hard worker and is very dedicated to her work, both creatively and academically.

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