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Wilted Season Roses

Original Poem

The Summer Rose, placed among the others.

Vivid in hue

Its pink petals shimmer in the golden sun.

The gardeners have placed next to it three other roses, and an array of colorful beauties

Surrounding the Summer Rose in lilacs, white jasmines, and hydrangea

The Summer Rose has wilted now

Standing left are the three others

The Fall Rose sways with the crowd.

Soft in Hue

Its Lavender Petals contrast the bronze leaves.

The gardeners have placed it next to two other roses, one wilted from the previous seasons

The Fall Rose gathers behind its complexion, yellow lilies, the larkspur, and the purple hyacinth

The Fall Rose has wilted now

Leaving the two others with nature

The Winter Rose sticks calmly in groups.

Luminous in hue

Its orange petals complement the silver of the ground.

His gardeners have placed it next to one other rose, two dead from the past few months

The Winter Rose feels, placed near zinnias, peonies, poppies

The Winter Rose has wilted now 

Leaving the Spring Rose alone.

The Spring rose is in full bloom

Profound in hue

Its crimson petals match nothing in the bright spring air

His friends have left him alone, three dead from this past heartbreak

The Spring Rose stands under the willow tree, tarragons, sweet peas, and rosemary sprinkled across the garden

The Spring Rose has wilted now

His garden, empty.

He looks across his great wide garden.

No more friends. no more love. No more emotion.

What happened?

The blue salvia will only grow for the white clover

But the forget-me-not will bloom just the same

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Dustin Taylor
Dustin Taylor, Staff Writer
Dustin Taylor is currently a senior and first-year writer for The Kahoki newspaper at Collinsville High School. He has many hobbies including Acting, Singing, graphic design, and costuming. He hopes to improve his photography and learn more about being a writer. His dream is to become a Performer on Broadway someday. Dustin is more than excited to be working for the school newspaper and hopes to make the Kahoki intriguing and insightful for all the readers! Dustin is also thrilled to seek adventure within the Collinsville High School Community.

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