Entrepreneurship at CHS

Thomas Haire, Staff Writer

Collinsville High School has had a couple students trying to escape the mouse trap of working a nine to five job by attempting to start their own business. 

Some people like the idea and are very supportive, but for others, some find it off and weird that kids in high school are trying to do something positive in their lives instead of just being normal and following the rules and expectations others have made for them.

Carter Hasamear and Bailey Demick have both excited the school in different ways by starting up their own small businesses. 

Hasamear is a Collinsville High School senior student who has been introducing his own clothing brand “Unoffendable Wear.”

“I hate the idea of working for someone else, so I decided to try my own thing,” Hasamear said.

“Unoffendable Wear” is a clothing brand that stands for people who are not afraid to speak out in fear of offending others. 

“Some people are very supportive of it and try to help me out, but others say that it is stupid and completely hate the idea of me doing something different,” Hasamear said.

Blake Peek is a Collinsville High School Senior who is a customer for “Unoffendable Wear.”

“It is a pretty good business. Carter is very great at satisfying his customers’ wants and needs. He makes very high quality shirts that say whatever you would like without having to fear backlash from others,” Peek said.

But Hasamear is not the only one trying to do something positive in his life.

Demick is a Collinsville High School sophomore student who participates in student council and softball.

She has started her own soap business. “A lot of people think that trying to sell soap is stupid and goofy, but I have learned that you cannot care what people think,” said Demick. “People get complacent with where they are in their lives so when you try and improve your life, people shame you and try to take away your motivation to do better in life.”

David Hearn is a Collinsville High School freshman student who participates on the Hockey team. “ I am completely supportive and uplifted by Bailey’s soap business. I have already bought some and I have enjoyed it. It is definitely worth more than the price you pay. I think it is very brave and it takes a lot of effort and courage to be able to break the norm of society,” said Hearn.

Christian Novy is one of the athletic trainers for Collinsville High School.

“I think it’s exciting that people at a young age are attempting to try and do something like starting their own business because that is the future of our country and to see students here at Collinsville High School attempting that is very good. I am very proud of our Kahok students and wish them the best in their entrepreneurship journeys,” Novy said.