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Did you know that of 67 people polled at Collinsville High School last month, 95.5% of that group felt that the parking lot is incredibly inefficient to get out of during dismissal times? Here’s what they had to say:

Most students feel there needs to be more direction while leaving the lot. They think that people drive too quickly, drive too recklessly, and they don’t zipper merge properly. People always seem to be in a rush to get out of school, and this leads to reckless behavior, putting people at risk of getting hit.

“Because people seem to have no regard for others’ safety in the parking lot, I feel like people don’t exhibit common decency when trying to exit the parking lot when school gets out,” said Katelyn Berger, a junior at CHS.

So, how can this be fixed? Luckily, those surveyed had a few ideas.

The general consensus is that there should be multiple SROs/admins out there directing traffic, or the addition of some signs directing traffic. Students also feel that bringing back the staggered dismissal schedule may help clear out some of the chaos. Finally, it was suggested that we allow NHS kids to get service hours by repainting parking spots whenever time allows. The spot numbers are very faded and it makes it incredibly difficult to see, especially whenever it rains and the lot gets wet.

“I feel kids need to be patient out in the parking lot.  They also need to stay off the phones as it’s dangerous and it causes accidents.  Kids also need to [dis]engage in any road rage as that’s dangerous and it’s a losing battle.  Finally, use the zipper method as I feel that helps out tremendously.  The zipper method is one car goes at one at a time,” said Miranda Rogers, a monitor at CHS who has spent a lot of time in the lot.

Though there are currently no monitors outside to keep an eye on things in the lot, CHS principal Dr. Toberman said plans to add one are in motion.

“The board of education recently added a monitor to our staff. We are currently looking for that person. When they are hired, they can certainly be added to monitor the parking lot,” said Toberman.

Dr. Toberman had this to say regarding crowding in the parking lot, “The number of students at our school has been consistent for many years. Although it may seem like it, the parking lot isn’t any more congested now than it has been in the past.”

Dr. Toberman agrees with the overall viewpoint of those polled, people just need to be patient when leaving the school. Most of the ideas mentioned to Dr. Toberman were taken with grace, he clearly greatly cares for the safety and happiness of CHS students.

“I am not a traffic expert. We have spoken with folks who are traffic experts and they have not suggested additional signs, but I can ask about that,” said Dr. Toberman when asked about installing signs directing the flow of traffic in the lot.

He shared the same enthusiasm for getting the spots repainted. The one suggestion Dr. Toberman didn’t seem as interested in was reintroducing the staggered release schedule.

“The staggered release time could slightly impact the parking lot. However, it was removed because of other disruptions it caused and we do not feel it is worth revisiting,” said Dr. Toberman.

Hopefully with time and effort from everyone at Collinsville High School, the traffic in the parking lot will come to flow better and people will feel safer as they enter and exit the High School.

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