Student etiquette has gone out of control

Lily Jurgena, Staff Writer

Cafeteria and sporting event etiquette is a huge representation of one’s school reputation.  While I personally think it is important to keep my school presentable, recently I’ve noticed large amounts of trash left on tables and bleachers. Piles of food and junk are left covering the lunch tables after each period leaving our lunch ladies to clean up the mess. Food gets all over when people leave their lunch on the table or have no manners while eating. You also can’t even leave a football game without stepping all over someone’s soda bottle they decided to leave in the walkway!

Personally, I believe that etiquette needs an extreme fix. There are no reasons tables should be covered in trash when there is easy access to trash cans. People should be more considerate of others who have to clean up after them and how unhygienic it is having to pick someone’s trash up. People should realize and understand the issue that comes with leaving garbage across campus and how it affects the look of our school. This issue needs to be resolved if we want a better future and face for Collinsville.

Initiative should be taken to fix the etiquette at Collinsville. More action should be taken when someone is leaving their garbage all over for others to clean up. Other students including myself should speak up when we notice someone littering things that aren’t theirs to litter.  Environmental Club is another thing that more people should involve themselves in because they take responsibility for cleaning up after events. People and clubs like these are what helps improve the school environment and more people should be motivated to take action in creating a healthy atmosphere for our school.