Bring back free lunch

Ariana Dabney, Staff Writer

Should school lunch be free for all students at Collinsville High School and all schools in general. Being able to have free school lunch shouldn’t matter about the amount of income a household has because they can still struggle with feeding their kids at home. Schools should be required to feed all of their students as many students can’t learn on an empty stomach.

Parents have enough on their plates to feed their kids at home so they shouldn’t have to worry about them eating at school because they’re at school for most of the day.

Also, it’s required for students to go to school so why shouldn’t it be required for the school to feed them. The school lunch might be the only thing most kids eat all day so why should they have to pay for something that they already couldn’t afford at home. 

Students can’t learn on an empty stomach, so schools should help improve that by making school lunch free to better students’ learning skills and to focus more in class. Many students end up without lunch at school because they don’t provide it free for every student. Sooner or later free school meals for all students would drastically reduce the childhood hunger problem.  

Students could go from being able to afford school lunch to not being able to could change at any given moment in a matter of seconds. 

Students feel embarrassed to talk about their home life and not even being able to eat at home. So students would rather keep quiet and stay hungry, which is why I believe that student lunch should be free.